Accident Injury Rehabilitation

Accident Injury Rehabilitation

There are many, especially young adults between 19-29 years of age, at risk of severe pain and post-trauma that may have occurred due to Accidents. Feliz is the best Kottakkal ayurveda hospital in the Malappuram district that provides accident injury treatment in Kerala, Kottakkal. This programme meets all of the requirements of a sick body. Accident injury rehabilitation involves different types of body therapies, Dhara, Pizhichil, Shashtika Pinda Swedam, and other rejuvenation therapies which improve blood circulation and tone up weak muscles, along with natural herbal medicinal formulations. With the help of physical therapy and occupational therapy, they can be brought back to normal life and in extreme cases, their quality of life can be improved. Feliz Ayurveda offers the best quality ayurvedic treatment for an accident injury.

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