Trichology is a study of human hair and scalp. Ayurveda being a tried and true and time believed arrangement of medication has described more insights concerning hair and scalp and potential illnesses and their avoidance and administrations. Hair has greater artifact for restorative, tasteful, and clinical reasons.

 As a part of it, it has advocated Dinacharya (daily regimen) and Ruthucharya (seasonal regimen) which comprise a vast description of daily activities starting from waking up during Bramhi Muhurtha up to going back to bed. In this vivid description taking care of each part of the body starting from head to toe is clearly explained. Hair is one such aspect among the above about which abundant information is described. For example naming the hair based on the body part where it is present. Likewise a great emphasis was laid on colour of hair according to Prakriti, Roma kupa sankhya, Keshothpathi, Kesha poshana, Kesha as a parameter for different kinds of clinical assessment.

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