Post-natal Care

Post-natal Care

Post-natal care after delivery, the mother’s health becomes weak due to the loss of fluid & blood and the emptiness created in the body after the child’s birth. The phase after delivery until the restoration of the menstrual cycle is called the Sutika period in Ayurveda.  A special regimen is recommended for this period to make good the loss of fluid and faster recuperation and restoration of the mum’s health. The aims of postnatal care are to improve digestion and metabolism, Vata balance and support lactation.  In a normal delivery, oils such as Bala thailam or Dhanwantharam thailam are commonly used to massage into the body prior to a warm shower for the first seven days. Water boiled with tamarind leaves or kurunthotti roots (Sida cordifolia) are used for baths. The abdomen should be properly wrapped with a clean cloth. Start with ghee or healthy oils or meat soups in this phase. Selection should be based on the customs practised in the women’s maternal status, as the body gets easily accustomed to the regimens followed culturally.

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