Physiotherapy is a treatment to rehabilitate patients’ mobility and muscular functions affected by aftermath of injuries or illnesses to a normal life style as much as possible. FELIZ dr.SPS PHYSIOTHERAPY is a unique & progressive REHABILITATION CENTRE, which includes divisions in inpatient as well as out patients setup with well equiped exercise unit & treatment modalities for the well being of the disabled.

Ou goals makes us special

Our Vision
& Mission

Our Vision

To educate, influence & inspire all patients to strive for a healthier existance. We hold CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THEIR COMFORT AND SATISFACTION , as the highest priority, during all phases of treatment.

Our Mission

-To restore function of the body to maximum possible level to help our guests for optimal healthy living.
- Maintenance & rehabilitation of individual physical activity
- To bring back the lost activity to near normal perfection.
- To enjoy physical & mental wellness through regular exercise
- To relieve any nagging pain & make life enjoyable

what we do?

Our Services

Neuro Rehabilitation

For Post stroke issues, issues from traumatic spinal cord injuries etc. We offer a special programme for neurolocal and traumatic or non traumatic spinal cord injuries using modern facilities. We underatand the need of best programmes to rehabilitate these patients for the well being of the whole family system. These programmes include not only the physical and occupational rehabilitation of the patient, but also the psychologic counseling for patient and family members to understand him in the best possible way.

Ortho Rehabilitation

Post traumatic and post surgical orthopedic rehabilitation, Non surgical treatments for all types of Arthritis and other joint issues.

Pediatric Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation with special care for our lovable kids with disabilities like cerebral palsy, post traumatic orthopedic issues or any other developmental delay related problems.

Post Surgical Rehabilitation

Most of the orthopedic especially joint surgeries are not complete without proper physiotherapy and rehabilitation exercises. We provide the service for all kinds of post surgical rehabilitation with all modern facilities/techniques available.

Non Surgical Treatment for all Types of Back Pain and Joint Pain

We provide special packages for any types of low/mid/upper back pain, Neck pain or any other joint pain. We use modern techniques to reduce inflammation related to disc prolapse eventually reduce pressure on nerve roots and also to relieve muscle spasm of back which are main culprits of back pain.

Dry Needling
Ultrasound Physiotherapy
Shockwave Pain Therapy

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